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PoolDear Susan:

I am enclosing a signed copy of the invoice, along with a couple of photos of the installation.

I must tell you how pleased we are with The Custom Shoppe product!  As you can in the photographs, all of the components fit perfectly.  By leaving the doors off of the towers enables us easy access to  the stereo components and allows space for a few family photos on the opposite for balance.

The arrangement of the upper doors allowed discrete speaker placement for both the stereo and the TV sound, while still having the appearance of a quality piece of furniture.

Equally impressive is the engineering and craftsmanship of this piece.  The fit and finish of all the doors, drawers, and particularly, the bifolds is flawless.  So we are enjoying our new entertainment center extremely well, as we found our experience dealing with you and the staff of Great Lakes. 

Best Wishes,

The Pools

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