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Bigger? Smaller? Taller? Wider?

At the Custom Shoppe, we build one piece at a time.  Therefore, its easy for us to build your furniture to your exact dimension needs.  Give us the dimensions of your wall, TV or components.

Give us the dimensions of your room, TV or components and we will build your furniture to fit.

Measure Your Room
Before choosing furniture, consider the windows, closets, heating vents and electrical outlets in the room. Does a door open into the space?

Next, measure the perimeter of the room and draw a simple floor plan to plot your furniture placement.

Note the size and placement of your room's standard furnishings. Don't forget the details: a bench or extra storage chest can make a size difference in any room
Measure Your Components
Measure your television and other components that you would like to place in your furniture.  If you have special collectibles - a fine piece of Lladro or a special vase - note the measurements.  We will build your furniture to fit.

Always buy the television before ordering  custom made furniture.  Do not rely on manufacturer TV specs and not estimate. 

Form to Measure Television
for Custom Shoppe Cabinets

Measure for Delivery
It can be very frustrating to receive furniture that wont make it off the truck because it is too big for a door or hallway. 

With The Custom Shoppe,
you can make dimension changes and/or have your cabinet built in two pieces to help make sure your cabinet will make it to its intended placement in your home.

Review the "path of delivery" before ordering.  

Measure the height and width of all entryways, including staircases, hallways, elevator doors and interior doors.

Make note of any fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, ceiling heights, stairwells and banisters that may pose an obstacle once inside.

Bends in a hallway, a sharp turn into a room, and staircase landings tend to be the tightest spots for large pieces of furniture. 


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