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Finish Choices

The Custom Shoppe offers four different wood options: Cherry, Maple, Quarter Sawn Oak and Oak.  Each wood has stain choices that are included in the price.  Premium finish choices are also available including glazed and painted. 

Did you know?

-  We can match other stain finishes when provided a sample.  We will produce a panel, reserve a portion, and send the other half for approval.
-  We can match Benjamin Moore or other major paint manufacturer colors. 
-  Cherry and maple are better selections for painted finishes because the natural grain patterns are smoother than oak.  Refer to store samples.

Maple Wood Finish Choices

Natural Maple (50) Tuscany Maple GOWD (251)
Tuscany Maple G (451)
Harvest Wheat Maple (51)
Venice Maple GOWD (260)
Venice Maple G (460)
Spice Maple (52)
Padua Maple GOWD (254)
Padua Maple G (454)
Cabernet Maple (54)
  GOWD = Glazed Finish with Olde World Distressing

G = Glazed Finish
Milan Maple GOWD (258)
Milan Maple G (458)
Saddle Maple (58)
Coffee Maple (68)    

Oak Wood Finish Choices

Augsburg Oak GOWD (204)
Augsburg Oak G (404)
Mission Oak (04)
Bremen Oak GOWD (206)
Bremen Oak G (406)
Oak (06)

Vienna Oak GOWD (230)
Vienna Oak G (430)
Sienna Oak (07)

Espresso Oak (08)

Med. Walnut Oak (11) Golden Oak (15) Light Oak (17) Chestnut Oak (19)
    GOWD = Glazed Finish with Olde World Distressing

G = Glazed Finish


Ravensburg Oak GOWD (241)
Ravensburg Oak G (441)
Red Oak (41)

Cherry Wood Finish Choices

Cambridge Cherry GOWD (221)
Cambridge Cherry G (421)

Red Cherry (21)
Yorkshire Cherry GOWD(200)
Yorkshire Cherry G (400)

Antique Cherry (22)
Notting Hill Cherry GOWD (222)
Notting Hill Cherry G (422)

Hazelnut Cherry (24)
Ashford Cherry GOWD (225)
Ashford Cherry G (425)
Golden Cherry (25)
  GOWD = Glazed Finish with Olde World Distressing

G = Glazed Finish


(28) Mink Cherry Southampton Cherry GOWD (259)
Southampton Cherry G (429)
Colonial Cherry (59)
Premium Paint and Passages Handrubbed Finish Choices
see store for samples of actual finish color - images below are designed for visual array only
  Paint & Passages Finish Colors
are available on Oak, Maple or Cherry
Wood Choices
(33) White Paint (34) Black Paint    
Seaside Sand (81|71|91) Linen White (82|72|92) Raven Black (83|73|93) Briquette Red (84|74|94)
Herb Garden Green (85|75|95) Rainwashed Blue (86|76|96) Lemon Chiffon Yellow (87|77|97)  

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