The Custom Shoppe
Entertainment furniture:
- Bases for wide screen
- Pocket doors
- Speaker doors
- Plasma lifts
- Reversica - turns plasma 180-degrees
- Electric firebox cabinets
HT_015 HT_019 HT_032B
HT_042 HT_049B HT_050B
HT_053B HT_056B HT_058
HT_067 HT_068 HT_069
HT_081 HT_085 HT_089
HT_091 HT_092 HT_094
HT_096 L/R HT_097 L/R HT_098
HT_099 HT_503 HT_504
HT_509 HT_511 HT_513
HT_519 HT_525 HT_530
HT_562 L/R HT_564 L/R HT_565 L/R
HT_570 L/R HT_571 L/R HT_573 L/R
HT_577 L/R HT_581 L/R HT_585 L/R
HT_587 L/R HT_604 HT_610
HT_612 HT_618 HT_630
HT_672 L/R HT_676 L/R HT_680 L/R
HT_682 L/R HT_684 L/R HT_701 L/R
HT_703 L/R HT_705 L/R HT_707 L/R
HT_709 L/R HT_712 HT_714
HT_720 HT_724 HT_738
HT_744 HT_746 HT_748
HT_760 HT_762 HT_763
HT_766 HT_768 HT_769
HT_782 HT_788 HT_790


HT_795 HT_801 HT_806



HT_808 HT_816 HT_818 L/R



HT_821 HT_824 HT_826 L/R
A Note About Plasma Lifts and Coordinating Cabinets:
The Custom Shoppe is now partnering with Nexus Lifts to provide a high quality lift which also allows for the ability to customize the size of the cabinet.  Please note we can no longer get the former lift for the 800 series cabinets.  Refer to the new 900 series which includes the Nexus Lift


 HT_833 HT_931   HT_937  
HT_944  HT_949 L/R  HT_960 
HT_964_  HT_966_    

  HT_870 L/R HT_872 L/R



HT_874 HT_880 HT_885

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