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Keal Closet 
Just like all household appliances, closets these days can be designed loaded with bells and whistles. Whether it's simply a place to store clothes or, as is increasingly the case, your closet can do double duty as a dressing room or sitting room.  Design your closet so that it fits your space precisely and reflects your style. 

View our customer portfolio to see what others have designed.  View individual pieces to see our complete catalog. 

Remember - we build each piece to our customers style and design choices.  What you want (not what you see) is what you'll get.

Customer Portfolio

Click on a photo below to see unique customer designs.

Keal Closet Marina Closet Lewis Wardrobe Leone Wardrobe Harrington  
Keal Closet Marina Closet Lewis Armoire Leone Armoire Harrington Armoire  

Individual Pieces

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Start fresh - design your own look. We make it easy to make a few simple choices to make your design unique to your style and needs.

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