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Maximize the space in your home library. No matter what your chosen style, great home library design balances space with your personal home library needs. Its easy to add height to shelving for a growing collection. Tall shelves create more space in a home library design and also give it a professional look.   

View our customer portfolio to see what others have designed.  View individual pieces to see our complete catalog. 

Remember - we build each piece to our customers style and design choices.  What you want (not what you see) is what you'll get.

Customer Portfolio

Click on a photo below to see unique customer designs.

Brinkman Bookcase Ritter Bookcase McKenna Bookcase Novak Bookcase Bryant Bookcase Frasier Bookcase
    King Adamitis Perry
Avclair Bookcase Russell Bookcase Nagel Bookcase King Bookcase Adamitis Bookcase Perry Bookcase
     Kinnear Bookcase Hanson Marley
Ellis Bookcase Curtan Library Kinnear Bookcase Brabec Wall Unit Hanson Server Marley Bookcase
Laughlin Bookcase Weiss Bookcase Vanderover Wall Unit      
Laughlin Bookcase Weiss Bookcase Vanderover Wall Unit      

Individual Piecesind cabinet by product number.

Start fresh - design your own look. We make it easy to make a few simple choices to make your design unique to your style and needs.

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B_000 B_011 B_080 B_086
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WU_02 WU_03 WU_04 WU_05
WU07 WU08 WU11 WU12
WU_07 WU_08 WU_11 WU_12
WU45  WU60     
WU_45 WU_49    

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