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A Note About Plasma Lifts and Coordinating Cabinets:
The Custom Shoppe is now partnering with Nexus Lifts to provide a high quality lift which also allows for the ability to customize the size of the cabinet.  Please note we can no longer get the former lift for the 800 series cabinets.  Refer to the new 900 series which includes the Nexus Lift
The L-39 TV Lift is an excellent choice for your flat panel TV. Utilizing Nexus 21's superior LIFT COLUMN TECHNOLOGY this model accommodates screen sizes up to 55" (can handle up to 120 TV) Even though this lift has a compact profile (only 30.2" high when retracted), it has a tall extension and is super smooth, ultra quiet, and only takes 25 seconds to fully extend!

NOTE: All Nexus 21 TV lifts can be height adjusted if you do not need the full travel.
Our lifts are used in homes around the world, and we have taken care to design them to be absolutely safe for our clients, their children and their pets. This package is standard on ALL Nexus 21 Lifts, and it includes:
  • Collision Detection Technology that stops the lift and reverses if it meets resistance on the way up or down
  • UL Recognized - Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories for compliance with public safety guidelines
  • Shielded Design - All moving parts  are enclosed to protect fingers and cords, also stays clean
  • Screen Locks - Custom designed to make it impossible to remove the TV until you unlock it.
  • "TV Guard" - Protects the TV by assuring that it can never be left on inside the cabinetry
Nexus 21 TV Lifts are covered by the most impressive warranty in the industry - 5 years of full coverage for EVERYTHING: electronics, moving parts and non-moving parts.
Technical Specifications
  • 132 lb total lift capacity (TV weight up to 120 lbs)
  • Travels 37.8"
  • NO exposed tracks, gears or scissors
  • UL Recognized
  • 10 amp at max thrust
  • Speed 1.5" /sec. (only 25 seconds to fully raise)
  • Quiet affects ambient noise less than 5 db!
  • Screw-driven mechanism
  • Steel Construction
  • IR Remote Control
  • Contact closure interface provided
  • Exclusive Nexus 21 Safety Package included
  • Soft start and stop

Additional Specifications
  • Maintenance free
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Easy Installation
  • UPS Delivery

US Patent #7,410,226


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