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Workshoppe Agenda

Scheduled workshoppes begin on Monday at noon with a luncheon and go through 2:00pm Tuesday.  This provides most stores with the sufficient travel time on Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon.  Private workshoppes can be scheduled upon request.

Welcome & Lunch, Noon

A warm welcome and company history by President Frank Krejci followed by a lunch with primary factory contacts: Account Managers, Marketing & Frank Krejci.

Factory Tour, 1:00pm
Take a small group tour with knowledgeable factory representatives.  Interact with tour guide and workers to make sure all your questions are asked.

Basic Introduction, 3:00pm
Attendees will be introduced to basic sales tools such as the catalog, price lists, order form and selling center. 

Simple Scenario, 4:30pm

By the end of the first day, a simple scenario will be completed by using the above tools and ending in the review of a corresponding acknowledgement. 

Interactive Dinner, 5:30pm
Enjoy cocktails and dinner with other salespeople and factory representatives in a casual, relaxing and non-competitive atmosphere.

Optional Factory Tour, 7:00am

For those who can not arrive by 1:00pm on Monday or for those who want to revisit the factory.  We are able to provide this optional tour.

Web site & Visual Planner, 8:00am
Take a tour of the web site and learn first hand what tools are available on line.

Progressive Scenarios,  9:30am - noon
Three more progressively more interesting and difficult scenarios will be completed with the help of the facilitator.  Attendees will become well-versed in using the sales materials and reading the acknowledgement.

Lunch, 12:30pm
A casual lunch spent brainstorming ideas for the Custom Shoppe to work on in order to provide better service and product for retailers.

Questions and Feedback, 1:15pm
Ask any unanswered questions and let us know about your experience so we can improve.

Dismissal, 2:00pm


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